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The open beta testing of the long-awaited version of IdoSell Scanner for Android has been launched

It is official. Beta testing new version of IdoSell Scanner for data collectors and mobile devices supported by Android 5.0+ operating system has been launched. Take part in them today and share your opinion with us.

The IAI Scanner application is well-known to data collectors supported by the Windows CE mobile system as well as users of the Windows Desktop operating system. It is available now in Google Play store under the name name of IdoSell Scanner.

IdoSell Scanner is an application supporting and extending the ability to handle orders and warehouse processes of WMS (Warehouse Management System) built into the IdoSell Shop online store. The IdoSell Scanner application supports and optimizes warehouse processes, such as:

  • Receipt and verification of deliveries,
  • Packaging and verification of orders,
  • Product inventory,
  • Determining product warehouse locations,
  • Changes in orders and returns statuses ,
  • Handling printouts of sales documents and labels for couriers.

which the user can perform directly from their mobile phone, data collector or other mobile device supported by Android version 5.0 and newer and having internet access.

The application also supports both one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) embedded barcode readers and recognizes codes by the camera.

This application is currently under beta testing

From now on, you can have a greater impact on the development of IdoSell Scanner. The beta testing of the Android app has started.


Remember, however, that testing a new, long-awaited application in the BETA version is not only fun, but also errors, problems and shortcomings that should be reported for the benefit of all its users. Remember this by clicking on "Become a Tester".

After selecting the "become a tester" option, you will be able to install the IdoSell Scanner in beta on your smartphone or data collector.

You do not pay when you actively test

In exchange for participating in the tests and reporting to us during the course of detected errors, the subscription fee associated with the version IdoSell Scanner 2.0.X will not be counted at this time. Ultimately, the fee will be the same as in the case of the current version of IAI Scanner, regardless of the platform and solution.
It's not over yet...

Soon there will also be a beta IdoSell Scanner for iPhone and iPad. And also its editions for Windows 10.x.

UPDATE 14:55, 13.05.2018:
You can now test IdoSell Scanner version for Windows 10. Link to the IdoSell Scanner application page in the Microsoft Store: