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The ability to engage influencers through Uber style discount codes is just one of the changes to the new affiliate program at IdoSell Shop.

Who will promote your shop best? Probably you, but not worse are bloggers, YouTubers or your current customers. The the newly launched affiliate program version, gives you another great tool to promote your online store.

Affiliate program, otherwise known as affiliate marketing, is a co-branding model of an online store with an influencer. blogger, content publisher), in which, in exchange for promoting your store in (social media, blogs, YouTube, forums) and winning the order, you pay the partner a commission. This is a very profitable model of promotion, you pay in the PPS (Pay-Per-Sale) model, so you pay only for effects.

What does a new version of the Affiliate Program offer?

First of all discount codes, because nothing motivates you to shop like discounts! Let's take Uber as an example - this most popular ride system, gained enormous popularity through recommendations. Each user had a discount code, which enabled his friends to get $10 off the first pass. The user also gained a discount. This technique called Growth Hacking Marketing has greatly helped Uber in promoting worldwide. From now on you can apply the same technique in your online store.

How to use discount codes in the affiliate program?

Influencer, for example, YouTuber or Blogger can make discount codes available to their recipients and make a profit on each order in which the discount code will be used. Customers using this discount code will automatically be marked as acquired by the partner and will additionally receive a discount for the purchase according to the discount code settings.

Discount Code is not the only change in the new version of the affiliate program. The Affiliate Program has been expanded with a number of new features below:

  • choosing after which orders the partner is to receive a commission (Last Click attribution) - the customer may get to your shop after partner's recommendation, but will not buy anything at all. Then they might get to your store again, for example with a price comparison service. In this case, should the partner receive a commission? It depends on you - you decide when your partner receives a commission.
  • the ability to limit the commissioning of partners from orders of already acquired customers - to motivate a partner to attract new customers.
  • option of delaying commission payment - which will allow partners to withdraw a commission for example only after 14 days of calculating a commission, to avoid paying commission for the order that can still be returned.
  • including order returns on the partner's commission balance - if, however, a return will occur, the system will reduce your partner's balance with the commission they received for the returned products.
  • awarding points in a loyalty program instead of money - you can change the affiliate program settings, so that your partner gets receives a commission in ((marketing/loyalty program|the affiliate program points)), for which they will shop in your store online.

More information: Activate affiliate program in your online store.

How to enable affiliate program in an online store?

All new affiliate program options are now available in your store. The affiliate program in basic form will work without any additional modifications. However, to fully offer its capabilities, , for example presenting partners with discount codes, extensive redirection statistics, etc., it is necessary to update shop template.

As always, you can introduce changes yourself, or commission it to your shop supervisor. If you do not use an individually built template, you can limit yourself to the upgrade of STANDARD layout to the latest version that already includes it. All new templates built from now on will now feature new affiliate program functionalities.

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