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Thanks to the new POS, you can accept returns from online store orders at point of sales

By providing the IdoSell Shop with a full range of omnichannel capabilities, we have expanded the capabilities of the IdoSell POS application. After the introduction of the option of returning an order from an online store at the point of sale in the previous version, in the new version numbered 5.4.26 we are introducing another omnichannel scenario, which also allows for the realization of returns created earlier by the online store service, or directly by the customers themselves logging in on its website . The new version is also a simplified interface of the main program window and its individual modules and a package of additional improvements.

Learn how to handle and process an online return at your point of sale

The return is also a need to settle the funds that the customer has previously paid us for the purchased products. In order to improve this process even more, we have introduced another novelty which is the possibility of returning the cost of delivery to the customer, which he had to incur for delivering the purchased products to him and an additional fee as was calculated for the payment method he chose to pay for the order.

From version IdoSell POS 5.4.24 all funds returned to the customer can also be sent to the balance associated with the account in the online store, which allows you to handle such a return without cash.

Learn how to handle the payment of funds returned to the customer’s balance assigned to the account at your point of sale

IdoSell POS 5.4.24 means also:

  • simplified interface of the main program window and its individual modules,
  • changed login interface to the IdoSell Shop administration panel so that it does not expect to enter store name under the domain, but allows you to enter the full domain associated with the customer panel,
  • improved search engine for returns in the Archive module,
  • barcodes generated on order confirmations and returns,
  • the ability to save available reports to * .PDF files,
  • the ability to decide whether cashiers logging in during the day must enter the initial cash register status each time and the option to report cash register differences to ensure control.