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Summary of new, standard graphics solutions in IdoSell shops - June and July 2015

New multivariant mechanism

Multivariants (multi-parameter product groups) are an excellent tool that gives your customers the opportunity to choose the individual characteristics of the product which meets their requirements. Under a simple interface hides a complicated mechanism that we are continuously improving and modernizing. Full description of the changes in look and functionality of this module can be found on our blog: in the news about a new version of the product card...

Partial ratings on the product card

The possibility to rate products in a shop is a well-known and eagerly used module. The possibility to configure opinions composed of several criteria has been available for a some time. To popularize this important function, we have introduced it to STANDARD shop fronts. The buyer can now evaluate in scale from 1 to 5 not only general feelings about the product, but he can separately rate each of its properties. Thus, this tool has an ever greater power to create opinions and it has become more measurable and reliable as far as transmission of opinions about products between clients of the store is concerned.

Changes in the returns panel

To further increase the comfort of clients, we have also improved the process of product returns. It is simple, clear and very intuitive, because it now resembles the process of placing the order even more.

Icons have been added to the list of products to be returned - it improved shop consistency and thus its credibility. Product list in the basket and order summary have a similar design. By seeing the icons of products to be returned, buyer at first glance sees whether they constitute appropriate products, without thinking about the product names. In addition, displaying details of a single product (prices, quantity) has been improved.

Another modification was adding a list of issued documents for a given return and thus, making them easier to access from the level of returns form.

We give you tools which can help to build a sense of security among your customers: large banner, page with the default description of returns procedure, which can be adjusted to your own shop and ready graphics leaflet, which you can just print and attach to the package. Try these new tools today. Just write a ticket to make materials available and to adjust them to your store. Standard versions are available for free, as usual.

Friendly delivery time messages

For the convenience of customers, we have changed nomenclature of delivery times. Instead of calendar dates and the number of days that the customer had to calculate himself, we have implemented a more intuitive terminology. Now the information will state, for example: "Your order will reach you on Monday." Such form can be quickly and easily comprehended by the customer at first glance. When combined with advanced configuration of the panel, enabling the assesment of delivery preparation time and set warehouses - this functionality has become extremely useful and friendly both for clients and staff.

Changes in complaints department (RMA)

RMA is extremely important in terms of a sense of security experienced by customers doing their shopping in online stores. To our standard complaint form we have added a number of graphics changes to make it even more transparent, coherent and functional. Not only address section has been improved, but also a form of providing data for a refund, as well as content and appearance of messages informing the customer of the complaint status.

Toplayer with money transfer data in the order summary

We have concluded that information shown in an online store for orders with a wire transfer payment option, may not be sufficiently clear and suggestive. Therefore, on the order summary page, just after placing the order, if a customer chooses a "wire transfer" payment option, a toplayer with data needed to make a payment is displayed. As a result, the buyer has a clear and unambiguous picture of what should be done to complete the order. The aim is to improve the legibility of the ordering process (COP) and to accelerate the placing prepayment orders.

Advances in the check out process

Due to rising popularity of advances in sales, there were requests to improve the legibility of the ordering process of products with required advance payments. Now customers at the level of products in the basket know exactly for which products and in what amount the advance has to be paid. To be sure, we have also added a distinction between the types of payments depending on the configuration of advances in the panel. Such information is passed from the first to the last step of the check out process, so that customers do not have any doubts. Changes in shop fronts support all new advances configuration scenarios in the panel that have been introduced before.

Highlighting secure shopping in IdoSell shops

Many custoners resign from making a purchase, especially in case of clothes and shoes, when they do not receive clear information about return and exchange procedures. Until now, the customer could be informed about these opportunities through the widget at the bottom of the page, a banner on the home page, a special page describing the returns procedure or by an additional, individually prepared elements. We have recently prepared an additional standard zone of informing the customer of a smooth returns procedure and complaints in the store. Information zone contains visible buttons pointing directly to a chosen forms and was placed on the page including order details - a place where the customer gets after placing the order and checks its status. The customer, seeing how easily a return or a complaint can be made, trusts the shop more, which translates directly into more shopping and recommendations.

A similar information is received by the customer via an e-mail, namely a confirmation of sending the order. To get maximum benefits from the proposed solutions, we advise updating both order summary, as well as all e-mail templates together with their coloristic adjustment.

Make use of the latest solutions

If you are using one of STANDARD shop fronts in your store, update it for free to its latest version, which already includes all of the above functionalities. The introduced changes do not only improve the usefulness of stores through changes in the design and layout of individual elements - our priority in all improvements is to increase the conversion in your store, what has a direct impact on your income.

If your have an individual mask, you should update it by new possibilities after contacting a mask supervisor via the ticketing system. We encourage you to send requests during the holiday season, due to the very short implementation time.

Implementation packages guidebooks for online stores: online pharmacies, shoe stores, clothing stores

Due to years of experience in conducting sales in various business branches, we have prepared several guides, which in a simple and transparent manner describe what to look for and what to remember about when implementing an online store for a particular business. Guides include information about essential features that should be included in the shop front, as well as useful supporting applications and additional services. We also provide guidance on best practices and marketing strategies increasing sales. We encourage you to read our advices, because they may also be applicable in your shop. Guides are helpful both for opening a brand new store, but also for people planning a redesign or simply wanting to increase sales and conversion rate in existing stores.

So far, we have described three specific business branches online pharmacy, clothing store and shoe shop.