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Ship packages to overseas customers through a new, built-in integration with FedEx International

We have prepared an extension of integration with FedEx courier, and now we offer not only FedEx Poland, but also FedEx International. If you have a signed contract with FedEx International and you have access data, you simply enter it in the login data in the FedEx courier settings. The rest will happen almost by itself!

Thanks to the new integration, you can now make your online store more accessible to domestic and international shipments. Activating FedEx International service will be even more beneficial for you and your customers if you run an online store outside of Poland, , i.e. in the United Kingdom .

As it is in the case of the integration with FedEx Poland, FedEx International labels are generated in the IdoSell Shop administration panel, without need to go to the FedEx external service. Just go to the administration panel of your online store and click on "Generate packages and prints for a courier" on your order card, or use group order editing.

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