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Sharing settings of multiple shops

Multiple shops in one panel is a function, which has been present in the for many years. Until now, starting a new shop has not been so easy and quick. At the end of July, we had made more comfortable launching multiple shops in one panel - we decreased the installation and deinstallation price and introduced a system of [/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323789 multiple shops self management system].

Now we would like to present the newest invention in this field - the possibility of sharing settings and offer. Thanks to this solution, just after installation, a shop is filled in with data from other shop - it just operates with a different domain. Shop is merged with the first one, so everything, that you do in the main-one, is immediately visible in the merged-one. It can be of course changed - you can manage the second shop partially independently or fully independently.

This function will be treasured by sellers, who:

  • want to start a merged Facebook or mobile store - both of course are in our offer,
  • want to start the so-called Extended Sites store,
  • want to test the function of multiple shops in single panel,
  • want to have all data available at the stage of mask creation.

More information concerning this subject along with detailed description and illustrated manual can be found on this page.