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Sell in Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary - accept payments without currency conversion with PayU thanks to new supported currencies

Now you may take advantage of the full potential of PayU not only when it comes to already supported currencies (PLN, EUR, USD, GBP), but also new ones: Czech crown (CZK), Romanian leu (RON), and Hungarian forint (HUF). Expand your business to new European markets today!

Foreign customers visiting your shop prefer to have access to your offer in their local currency - they are used to it, know its value and use it everyday. IdoSell Shop supports dozens of currencies, and the most popular ones may be used without unfavourable currency conversion.

Gain more foreign customers

By enabling more currencies in your shop you open yourself to international sales, gain customers that prefer payments in familiar currency, and reduce negative results of currency conversion.

If you own or you may open foreign currency accounts in your bank, IdoSell Shop enables accepting payments without currency conversion in the following currencies:

  • euro (EUR),
  • U.S. dollar (USD),
  • pund sterling (GBP),
  • Czech crown(CZK),
  • Romanian leu (RON),
  • Hungarian forint (HUF).

Novelties in payU integration

Now you may accept payments without currency conversion in three new currencies- „CZK”, „RON” and „HUF”.

How to enable new currencies

  • contact PayU in your country in order to sign a new or to update your current agreement,
  • obtain setup data/details for given currencies
  • configure your payment profile in IdoSell Shop for chosen countries and currencies.

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