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Sale confirmations and pro forma invoices will no longer need to be issued manually by shop operators and will now be automatically printed.

Order confirmation, returns and pro forma invoice documents will no longer need to be manually generated, instead there will be an option to print them on demand at any moment. Pro forma and order confirmation documents will no longer have separate numbering, it will now be tied to the order number in both cases.

Until now, in order to provide your customers with either pro forma invoices or order confirmation documents, you had to manually generate them on the order details page, or via group product edit. In order to facilitate the process and remove the need for repetitive manual tasks, we enabled the ability for your customers to download those documents at any time from within their account, without the need of generating them in advance.

Pro forma and order confirmation documents are available both in the frontend (as long as your templates are up to date) as well as on order / return details pages in the administration panel and via the API.

Invoice documents - Invoice documents

From now on, the documents will be numbered based on the order number they are generated for.

Note: Searching for orders by their pro forma or order confirmation document numbers will still be available, we will notify you about phasing out of this functionality in a separate blog entry.