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Quick import of all auctions from eBay and Allegro Group sites

We added a tool that allows to quickly import auctions from any eBay (or Allegro Group auction sites) accounts. After adding account to the panel, you can easily display all ongoing auctions and import them. This operation will create corresponding products and will assign adequate auctions to them.

This function will be particularly helpful to those companies that sold mainly on auction sites and no time to create on-line store and add all products to its database. Now they can import their auctions easily. Time saved on handling auctions (re-listing, better order-handling process) can be now spent on other activities, such as revamping product descriptions, running marketing campaigns or polishing up on-line store.

Operation schematics are following:

  1. Add auction site account (Sales \ Internet auctions).
  2. Use a new tool available in administration panel: SALES \ Internet auctions \ Import of products from auction site and handle them from panel.
  3. Imported products will be described only with information available on auction site. However, the most important thing is, that they will still have description for auction, prices, parameters etc. Thanks to this, auctions can be easily re-listed by means of the
  4. During import new products will be created, so when someone buys product on auction site, order is automatically generated in panel.
  5. Saved time can be easily spent on others tasks improving sales - for example, describing product better or acquiring better photos.

Our new solution allows to easily launch alternative sales channel and create new brand - your own on-line store, where you can utilize a completely different set of marketing tools. The is leader in creating comprehensive solutions for multi-channel marketing. Use them, because many of them are free and can earn you real money.