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Novelties in handling listings: map courier services in listing settings profiles to determine which items will be shipped by the given courier, send EAN for listings created on Allegro , close listings with "very small" stock level

If you list products in different sizes and use different courier services, then with the new mapping courier services option in the listing settings profile you will be able to specify which goods are to be shipped with a given courier. In addition, we have given you the ability to submit an EAN code for listings on Allegro, based on the producer's code. From now on, in your listing settings profile, you can choose to close the listing also when the stock level of your item reaches a "very small amount", as configured in the availability profile associated with your item.

Mapping couriers in listing settings profile

Every listing settings profile, either for Allegro or Ebay, includes a new tool, enabling for easy mapping of services on listing site with services available in IdoSell Shop panel. You may assign a different courier service available in the panel to a service from listing site:

Thanks to this you may, i.e., create a listing for a product with a different size using a different listing settings profile, where the mapped courier enables shipping at a better price.

Learn more about mapping courier services in listing settings profile

Sending producer’s code as EAN code for listings created in Allegro

We enabled sending EAN code for products listed on Allegro, which is consistent with the new listing template set by Allegro:

In order to send EAN, all you need to do is enabling new option in a listing settings profile:

EAN code is sent on the basis of the filled producer’s code, which has to be consistent with one of the below standards:

  • GTIN13
  • GTIN8
  • ISBN13
  • ISBN10

You can automatically end listings when goods placed on them reach a "very small" stock level

Thanks to availability profiles you can inform your customers in an intuitive way, by short descriptions, how much of the item you have left in stock. From now on, you can use the availability profiles settings also to end listings in which goods have reached the level identified as "very small" .

When the goods at the listing reach the stock level defined as 'very small quantity', on the list of listings to be finished, you will be offered to end such a listing. The listing will be closed automatically if you use the option to automatically close the listing and change the quantity of goods available at the listing.

The new option was enabled in listing settings profile of eBay and will influence both new and already created listings. For more information visit Listing settings profile