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New version of list of orders in PDF format

We published a new version of list of orders in PDF format. In includes multiple improvements, our customers and partners asked us for.

Changes are:

  • Price of set is displayed in accordance with order square method (if order has net prices, the same prices will be visible in the PDF document)
  • Old order ID removed. Only order number is displayed.
  • "No." column is smaller (narrower).
  • Amount added next to "cash on delivery/advance payment" - information on cash on delivery or advance payment mate to order.
  • Name of product group and product in group added to column with product price and notes to this product.
  • Manufacturer code added to column with product code.
  • Column with client's notes changed to "Notes". Notes to customer, notes to couriers, notes from client and notes to order are now displayed.
  • Changed order of "notes" and "delivery address" columns - they are now sorted by order number.