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New server load stats

Quick and efficient work of store page is basis for development of every on-line shop. If page works too slow, buyers tend to grow impatient and often stop to browse your wares (which of course decreases the final basket contents value) or even abandon their shopping. As a negative addition, indexing robots (from Google for example) decrease page rank of slowly-loading pages or even stop to index. This is why we always remind our customers: savings of £120/150€ (difference between prices of DC2 and DC1 subscription plans) can cause losses of 300 000 euros or pounds a month. To facilitate control of this key operation area, we introduced a package of three mayor changes to monitoring tool.

  1. We updated the REPORTS & FINANCES \ WWW and API stats \ Average server load. It's been simplified and now presents lines in only three 3, easy-to-comprehend, colors (that describe the server load): green - good, yellow - slowdown, red - critical slowdown.
  2. Module - from now on - will send messages, summaries and useful tips, if the server works too slow. This way you won't miss this important information (like that your server operates normally for not more than 30 minutes a day) about your server being overloaded.
  3. New API gate was created to diagnose - during lager updates - whether operations performed do not overload the server. Gate will be used in newer versions of our Supporting Applications, especially in the IAI Downloader. Thanks to this addition, even parallel update of multiple products at once - which is especially resource-consuming operation - will not slow down purchases of your customers and will not result in income loses.