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New module of accepting payments based on bank statement

Everyday bank transfers registration can be very time-consuming and error-occurring process. We sincerely hope, that our brand new payment accepting module will bring a smile to your faces and the payment registration will be light, easy and pleasant from now on. We have added our own experience with registering with incoming payments of our customers to the module and we hope you are all going to like it.

New module can be found in the Administration Panel in REPORTS&FINANCES \ Accepting payments \ Accepting payments based on bank statement. Choose currency in the first step, bank account in the second one and the payment registration process can begin. The basis of operation is a search tool with transfer identifier. It can be one of the following information:

  • order number (with prepayment),
  • customer last name,
  • consignment number (if cash on delivery),
  • sales document (invoice) number, if customer pays his loan, e.g. trade credit.

After entering indicated text, module will suggest the most adequate orders or customers' balances. After the operator selects, to which one the payment should be assigned, and enters an adequate amount, system will perform the rest of actions automatically. After the operation ends, system will display a summary with information: where it registered the payment, in what amount and whether any dues/surpluses left. If customer made a mistake and e.g. paid too much, system will automatically register the surplus on one's account. It's really that simple.

Learn more about the module on accepting payments based on bank statement page.