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Monthly subscriptions instead of yearly license keys – comfortable use of IAI Bridge and IAI POS supporting applications

Previously supporting applications required a yearly subscription fee, as well as entering and saving a license key. Now we present you with a new licensing model without the need to enter a license key – a monthly subscription limited to one instance.

Changing the previous form of IAI POS and IAI Bridge licensing means that our clients pay less at a time, what is especially important for the new shops – yearly licenses generated higher costs at the beginning. Now they do not have to face such a financial barrier. Launching the program means the activation of a single-instance subscription free of charge for 30 days (for the first instance). Yet, it is not a demonstrative version – it is a fully-functional trial version of the program with no product number limitations. If you do not resign from the subscription within 30 days, it will be prolonged automatically and this time you will be charged accordingly.

If you already use our applications, to use them continuously, you just have to update them to the newest versions (they support both types of licenses). If a license key expires, you will be automatically moved to a subscription model.

Price list effective from October 1st, 2016.

Application First 30 days Each consecutive subscription month
IAI Bridge free of charge £50 / 55€ per instance
IAI Bridge Professional free of charge £100 / 110€ per instance
IAI POS free of charge £19 / 24€ per instance

Detailed IdoSell Shop price list

While using applications (for free and with a paid subscription) you have the access to our specialists from the support department, as well as to free updates.

Please bear in mind that if you have the active licensing based on the previous model (license key), after the key expires you will not be entitled to use a free trial version. If you used IAI Bridge or IAI POS applications, but you do not have an active license key now, you have the right to use a 30-day trial version.

In the end all supporting applications will be available in the subscription model and we are planning to resign from license keys completely.

Test a chosen application free of charge for 30 days

Previously we offered so-called demo licenses, which limited some functionalities and thus, testing all features was not possible. Thanks to subscriptions you can test an application with all its functionalities free of charge for 30 days. If you want to test IAI Bridge or IAI POS applications, just download it in the administration panel and connect them with your shop panel. If you find the program useful, just use it in the subscription model. However, if it does not meet your expectations, you can resign from it in the administration panel.

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