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Many new facilitations are waiting for you in the complaint module (RMA) - for example you will not miss the customers' answers to the complaint, or you can make a cash back to a card and a gift voucher

Thanks to the new tile on the main page of the panel, which will inform you about every new question from the customer, you will never miss customers' replies to the submitted complaints. This is not the only new feature for the next facilitation of the RMA module. You can control the time complaints await to be handled, or a shipment reaches customer, and also exclude the possibility of advertising products for which the warranty period has expired. In addition, you can make a refund to a gift card or voucher , also refunding shipment costs - we have also introduced an additional step in the complaint process in which the customer chooses the preferred form of a refund. At the end of the extended manager report you will learn more about placed, processed and canceled complaints.

Notification about a new message in the complaint

So far, each message to the customer was entered on the complaint tab (RMA). However, when the customer replied, you might have missed it because you did not receive the notification.

Now it will not happen again because we have added a tile notification on the main page of the panel. Whenever a client asks a question in the complaint chat, the color of the tile will change to red with the number of unread messages:

If you enter the complaint card from the list of complaints, without noticing the notification on the main page, you will also receive information about unread messages.

Clicking on "new reply" will expand the list of chat messages and mark the message as read.

Complaints now include information about the handling time and how long it takes for the shipment from the customer to arrive - we also show this information in the graph on the main page of the panel

To the list of complaints and the complaint itself, we have added two very important information that will allow the staff of your store to deal with complaints more efficiently. For the newly added complaints, we now count two dates:

  • Number of days from the confirmation - how long the complaint is waiting for a shipment from the customer

Number of days is counted until the complaint is confirmed by the staff, until the date of receiving a shipment from the customer is provided.

  • Number of days the complaint is awaiting to be handled how long the complaint is waiting to be handled

We count this date from the moment the complaint is created until the change to a status other than "unhandled" and "not confirmed by the shop service".

In addition, on the graph on the main page of the panel, you can see statistics for both of these dates in the last 20 weeks.

The ability to exclude warranty for products and taking into account the warranty duration

For each item, you can assign a self-defined warranty type (in the PRODUCTS / Warranties ). You specify there the type of warranty, its duration or information about the lack of warranty. The following settings are included in the complaint wizard at the time the customer makes a complaint.

If you want to change or set a warranty period for a larger quantity of products, use a warranty gateway and update methods in the Products gateway available in the Administration Panel API, or do it using the IAI Downloader application.

Use a cash back for gift cards and vouchers

On the order tab, in the Payments module, we have added the option of refunding a partial or full amount to the gift card, and to be able to return the entire voucher (and mark it as unused). It eliminates the need to manually settle gift cards or generate a new (theoretically used) voucher.

The new option allows the staff to make a refund for the card and voucher used to pay for the order, if the customer changed their mind, or there were significant changes in the order causing , e.g. overpayment.

Discover the possibilities of gift cards and vouchers

Return order delivery costs

In case of a refund, for a complaint handled positively, the system calculates the value of the return based on the value of products and the cost of the return shipment from the customer to the store (if they choose this option). From now on, you can easily return the shipment cost to your customer (shipment from the store to the customer). You can choose from the following options:

  • in a full amount (entire shipping cost)
  • proportionally to the number of products from the original order
  • in the indicated amount (own)

The correcting invoice will take into account the refunded delivery cost.

In the complaint wizard in the store template, you can allow customers to choose the preferred form of refund

You can add another step in the returns wizard that will allow customers to choose the preferred form of refund

If you have an individual layout and want to provide an additional step in the complaint wizard, then contact our graphics department to plan implementation. The new step will appear soon in the STANDARD template.

The management report now returns information about the complaints made, processed and canceled

We have expanded the module of REPORTS AND FINANCES / Management Report with a significant amount of information regarding complaints that have been placed in your store. Until now, the amount of such information was very poor and you could present it on the report only the total number of complaints and the average time of their handling. Now information that you can return in the management report includes much more:

It is possible to present a set of data similar to that which is available for returns: for complaints created, considered positively and canceled. Thanks to this, you can analyze your sales even better, including not only returns in the broader context, but also complaints.

This is the next and last this year, huge change that took place in the complaints module. We invite you to implement a new RMA module in your store, which will allow you to provide faster and comprehensive after sales service for customers.

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