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International sales with local VAT rates is already here

JIf a seller sells a large share of its products to other countries in the European Commonwealth, it is possible to pay the VAT in indicated countries. The on-line stores can now do so. It is a very powerful weapon to fight for foreign clients. If you register your VAT number in a country, where this tax is lower, you can sell your products with this lower rate. This form of sales does not require you to register a company on the territory of this particular country. So, with lower VAT, your margin instantly grows for the difference between tax rates.

The entire operation is very quick and does not even require you to edit all products you want to sell. Thanks to our innovative idea, all it takes are just a few clicks and you can sell with other VAT rate. All these rates will be of course included in all reports. More information about this function can be found on the How to set other VAT rates for stores? VAT rates mapping webpage.

We would also like to remind you, that the allows to use other seller details on your sales documents. This function is available by the so-called Company branch service, that allows to use other company details in additional store installed to the existing panel. You can use the same company name and different contact details. Or completely different company details, if you would like to do so. This create the impression, that your clients buy from local seller, even though you hadn't create a company branch there.

Warnining: IAI S.A. company does not provide any legal or tax advices. Please ask your questions concerning these areas to adequate offices or other institutions.