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Integrate your IdoSell Shop with Facebook and gain new customers thanks to Facebook Product Ads

Facebook Product Ads let you efficiently present your products on Facebook, and thanks to the Meta Pixel Code installed in your shop, the advertisements will be tailored to the right audience. Once an offer is generated, potential returning customers will start seeing targeted ads on Facebook, which are based on their purchase history in your shop.

After installing the special Meta pixel code, Facebook users' behaviour in your shop will be tracked. Later, while those users visit Facebook, they will be presented with offers which either remind them of previously viewed products, or those from abandoned carts. The ads are generated based on a specific offer provided by your shop in the Facebook Product Ads format. This clever functionality will soon be an essential part of every shop's marketing strategy.

Facebook Product Ads and Meta Pixel Code advantages

  • Unique ads without the need to manually configure every single one
  • A campaign needs only to be configured once, the system will automatically recommend the most appropriate products
  • Ads reach customers on all platforms and devices
  • Customers are reminded of products they are interested in, which increases the chance of them visiting your shop again

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