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Individual discount codes in every e-mail or SMS

The on-line stores were equipped with another very powerful marketing tool - possibility of generating individual discount code and sending it by e-mail or SMS.

How can advanced sellers use this option?

Discount codes usually allow to receive small discounts and are typically used to register the effectiveness of e.g. press or newsletter campaigns. Granting large discounts - similar to those offered by e.g. group-purchase sites - or free shipping requires to protect granted codes. Granting someone 50% discount, the on-line store cannot allow a situation, when someone publishes this code on forum or Facebook board and large number of buyers storm the store, ruining it. Discounts this high serves a purpose, for example if you want to "steal" a customer from your competitor. Another campaign idea can be its exclusive character. Personalizing a message and informing this one special customer, that he receives such a big discount only once and this code will be one-time only, available to use for very short time. You won't have to convince him too long, what kind of special offer he is dealing right now. In the - allowing for such neck-breaking promotions - you can now generate such individual codes on flight, different in every message separately.

How to use this marketing tool?

When defining message content, put a [iai:promotional_code(campaign_name)] variable into a location, where discount code should be displayed. Campaign name can be defined in administration panel for discount codes campaign. Code settings are the same as for the entire campaign (you can determine time limit or number of use times there). You don't have to use third-parties software (very expensive usually) to create e-mail or SMS campaigns. Just create discount codes campaign (MARKETING \ Discount codes) and then e-mail or SMS-one, using the [iai:promotional_code(campaign_name)] variable in message content. During personalized message generation, every user will be assigned a special individual code.

New functionality is currently available in:

  • E-mail and SMS newsletters (when it comes to e-mails, the E-mail marketing Pro service is required).
  • E-mail and SMS messages sent to customers automatically (e.g. after subscribing your newsletter). Variable - at the time - is not available to use in e-mails and SMS based on your own templates.

In the near future, possibility of generating codes will be available in other modules.