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In campaign settings for discount codes and discount cards, you can now calculate a discount from the highest crossed-out price, including the one set freely outside the special offer.

If you use a free strikethrough pricing , we have made a small change in discount campaigns so that the a discount is calculated on the highest strikethrough price, and as a result, not only the one set within a campaign, but also the strikethrough price set freely, outside the special offer.

Some time ago we have added the ability of setting strikethrough prices manually. This allows managing strikethrough prices with the advanced special offer planning module (if you set it, for example, by using external marketing systems, or in a simplified way, by entering them in the product edit tab without having to create separate special offers (eg. in a daily work you do not use the advanced special offer module).

In your everyday work, you may have encountered a situation where strikethrough prices for the product were set both within the special offer and on the product tab itself, and the price resulting from the special offer was lower than the price on the special offer cards. In this case, the discount was calculated on the strikethrough price in the special offer, which in this scenario was lower, what in the end reduced the final price of the product.

To avoid this, in the discount campaign settings for discount codes and discount cards, we have changed the way of calculating discounts, which now takes into account the value of the strikethrough price on the product tab and calculates the discount on the higher price. The option is now called from the higher strikethrough price.

Thanks to that, you will now have a control over from which price a discount will be calculated in each scenario.


  • Strikethrough price in the special offer = 100 zł
  • Strikethrough price on the product tab = 80 zł
  • Discount resulting from a discount campaign = 50%
  • Price for a customer after using a discount = 50 zł (calculated as 50% from 100zł)

Still, the price is reduced from the strikethrough price only after any strikethrough price is set. If a strikethrough price is not set, the discount will be calculated from the retail price.

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