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Important information for stores that present payment methods in COP in non-standard way, in connection with the introduction of Apple Pay and Google Pay in IdoPay

In the coming weeks, we plan to release the possibility of paying in IdoSell stores with two convenient payment methods: Apple Pay and Google Pay. These two new forms are additional methods of paying with payment cards and will be available only in stores that use IdoPay as a system that supports card payments. If you limit the presented payment methods in COP yourself, the appearance of new payment methods may affect the list of available payments presented in your store.

Each of the new payment methods has specific conditions under which the payment can be processed. We will soon write about them on our websites, but in a nutshell, for example, Apple Pay will be presented only to store visitors on Apple hardware using the Safari browser, and Google Pay when the store visitor is logged in to the Google account in their browser.

As the payment options for Apple Pay and Google Pay will vary from viewer to viewer, these methods will be dynamically placed in the payment lists as a separate tile. If a given form is not available, it will not be on the list of available payment methods, and if it is available, we will put it first on the list to make it convenient for use.

Thus, the presentation of new forms of payment will affect the number of forms presented on the website.

Due to the fact that some of the shop owners in IdoSell try to limit the payment methods presented in the ordering process (we mean the following pages: choosing payment methods before buying /order1/ and paying for the order after placing it /orderdetails/), we are already signaling that we are planning such an action, because 'they may affect the payment list presented in the store' .

For our part, we strongly encourage you to enable your customers to use Apple Pay and Google Pay, as these are very convenient and safe ways to pay for orders, and which will additionally prepare customers for even more interesting payment solutions for orders that we want to present in the coming months. The aim of the changes we are proposing is to increase purchase conversion, to which both forms of payment contribute effectively.

Should you decide to remove these new payment methods, we'd love to hear the reasons why Apple Pay and Google Pay are not welcome in your stores. We invite you to share such information via the Q&A IdoSell website or the facebook group IdoSell clients . We thank you in advance for your feedback with any of these channels.

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