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If you send emails from the shop via Google servers (, enable Google account authentication instead of the less secure connection via SMTP

If you send emails from the shop via Google servers, it is already possible to authenticate the connection to the server with a Google account. For free accounts, this is necessary to continue sending emails. For paid Google Workspace and Google Cloud Identity services, it is still possible to use a traditional, less secure connection over the SMTP protocol (which we do not recommend).

Google account authentication is more secure than SMTP connection, thanks to the use of the more modern OAuth 2.0 protocol, which does not require the user to provide third-party applications with sensitive Google account access data (Gmail login and password). Therefore, whether you use a free or paid service, we encourage you to set up a new way of connecting. For paid services, it is a good idea for you to do this now, as at some point Google will also disable the connection via SMTP for Google Workspace and Google Cloud Identity. By changing your account configuration now, you won't have to remember to do this in the future.

I use a free account - what do I need to do?

If you are using an email address such as Twó, you will need to authenticate with this account for the email server - similar to how you log in with your Google account for web services.

To do this, go into edit email account (Administration / System / Configuration of email and SMS accounts) and select the new account type "sent from Google server e.g. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Gmail". Instead of the "Save" button, the "Sign in with Google" button will appear.

When you click the button, a new tab will open in your browser, where you will be asked to log in with your Google account and you will have to give the consents needed to be able to send emails from the IdoSell panel.

Once you have done this, you will automatically return to the page in the administration panel where you configure your e-mail accounts. After a successful operation, the email account will be authenticated and the sending of transactional messages, newsletters, etc. will take place as before, but no longer by connection to an SMTP server, but via the more secure OAuth 2.0 protocol.

Why can I no longer point to a folder for sent messages?

For technical reasons on the Google side, it is no longer possible to indicate the folder in which sent messages are to be placed. Sent messages will always be placed in the "Sent" folder.

I do not use free Gmail accounts, I have subscribed to the Google Workspace / Google Cloud Identity service.

Finally, it is worth reminding you that Google has, as of the end of May 2022, deactivated email sending via SMTP protocol for free accounts only. Post-SMTP configuration for such accounts no longer works, but users of the paid Google Workspace and Google Cloud Identity services can still use this method of connection. At the time of publishing this blog post, Google had not announced a date for disabling SMTP connection for paid services. However, we encourage you to set up the new, more secure way of connecting now.