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If you conduct cross-docking sales, we have a solution checking stock levels of ordered products in external warehouses during order placement in an online store

IdoSell Shop has been supporting conducting cross-docking sales for a very long time. Previously we offered cyclical supplier's stock level synchronizations through a dedicated application – IAI Downloader. Now we have prepared a solution enabling product availability verification in supplier's warehouses during order placement. The solution is now available for all wholesale and retail stores using IdoSell Shop, but also wholesale stores using a system different than IdoSell Shop.

Cross-docking definition

In cross-docking, similar to dropshipping, you do not store products in your own warehouse. Products are sent to the shop by suppliers (wholesale store) at the moment of placing an order by a customer. Then the order completion is performed and often the order is sent to a final customer the same day.

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Verifying supplier's stock levels before placing orders in your store

Observing thousands of customers placing orders in online wholesale stores enabled us to notice that even frequent product availability synchronizations do not eliminate situations when a customer orders a product which is out of stock and thus, a supplier will be unable to deliver it to you.

It means that you lose time on explaining customers that products are no longer available, leading to their dissatisfaction or even discouraging customers from shopping at your store.

Trying to be prepared for such situations, we designed a universal solution where a basket is verified when it comes to warehouse availability, even before placing an order at your store.

Presented solution is available for all retail and wholesale stores based on IdoSell Shop solution. Retail and wholesale stores simply have to configure IdoSell Shop administration panel and can use our new solution right away. What is more, since our system supports Open SaaS™ model, the same functionalities can be offered by wholesale stores based on other solutions.

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Retrieving data about suppliers automatically

Both retail and wholesale stores use IdoSell Shop. Wholesale stores, where IdoSell shop make purchases, often use our wholesale solutions. Thus, we thought that we can make filing in supplier details easier for shops making purchases in such wholesale stores. Instead of entering data manually, they can be filled in automatically. Now you just have to enter the technical domain address of IdoSell wholesale store and following details will be filled automatically:

  • supplier's company name
  • contact details (e.g. e-mail, phone, fax, address)
  • time a wholesale store needs to prepare an order for shipping
  • wholesaler's warehouse opening hours

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