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IdoSell integrates with Klarna payments. New "Buy now, pay later" option and a full range of all Klarna services for your customers in Poland and abroad

Attract new customers from all over the world and offer them recognizable Klarna payments. The integration offers support for all Klarna payment methods available on a given market. For example, in Poland it will be "Buy now, pay later", but for customers from Germany you can provide, inter alia, card payments, bank transfers or installment payments.

Our partner integration is now available to all IdoSell customers and allows Klarna payments to be made available in all markets where this form of payment is available. All you need to do as a merchant is to sign the appropriate contract with Klarna. Enable Klarna payments and build trust with your customers and increase the chances of successful sales.

Why include Klarna?

"Buy now, pay later" is a service that is making waves on the online shop market. By offering deferred payments in your shop, you build customer trust and increase the chance of successful sales. Even if your customer doesn't have the money at the moment, they can shop and pay for their purchases within 30 days.

Klarna means many benefits for you. See concrete examples:

  • Easy and fast integration. The integration configuration takes literally a moment.
  • The more payments you offer, the better. A variety of payment methods inspires customer confidence and increases the chance of sales. Stand out from the competition and offer the world's number one payments.
  • An even faster path to purchase. Klarna is a convenient checkout and fast completion of transactions. Your customers will love it!
  • Step to cross-border. With Klarna you can easily serve foreign customers who love this form of payment.

Buy now, pay later

Klarna offers a "Buy now, pay later" option. This is a simple and quick solution. Klarna pays the seller upfront and the buyer gains 30 days to make payment. Importantly, your customer will not incur any additional fees or pay interest. Klarna assumes (from both sellers and buyers) the full credit or potential fraud risk. You, as the seller, don't have to worry about collecting payments from your customers. Klarna will do it for you.

Buy now, pay later - Klarna

Why have customers grown so fond of deferred payments? It allows shoppers to see or try on the goods they want first, and then pay for and buy them. If the customer decides to return the goods, they will not have funds blocked in their account. If he leaves the goods, he can pay for them immediately or within 30 days.

Klarna is:

  • 90 million active consumers worldwide
  • 2 million transactions daily
  • 17 markets on three continents
  • 46 proc. increase in sales year on year

How does it work?

  • At the payment summary, the customer selects the "Buy now, pay later" option from Klarna. The purchase is completed in just a few seconds.
  • Once the order has been shipped, Klarna will pay you the full amount
  • The customer receives the ordered products and pays for them within 30 days, directly to Klarna
  • After the purchase, the buyer has a clear overview of their purchases in the Klarna app

Find out more about how Klarna works in IdoSell

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