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IAI Scanner 1.5 accelerates adding products to a delivery

We have just released a new version of IAI Scanner – an application helping in logistic processes in your online shop. 1.5 version significantly accelerates the process of adding products to a delivery and, as in the „Stocktaking” mode, introduces searching product codes in a local database first, into „Delivery” mode.

IAI Scanner 1.5 enables a considerably faster code scanning in the „Delivery” mode. Scanned product codes are now checked in a local database of a program and then, in a shop panel. Previously, IAI Scanner checked product codes in the panel only.

Faster adding products to a delivery

Thanks to checking product codes in an IAI Scanner local database, you can now scan product codes one by one without unnecessary delays.

Previously, a product code in the „Delivery” mode was checked immediately in the panel after scanning, what in case of a slow Internet connection could lead to delays in an answer whether a given code exists. Thus, product scanning could have been obstructed.

If a product code is not found in a local database, you will be asked whether you would like to check a given product code in the panel in an online mode. Thanks to that you do not have to download a codes list every time. You can do it from time to time – you can check missing products online in a shop panel and thus, you can correctly add a product to a delivery.

Download product codes list whenever you want

Downloading a valid product codes list is now performed after you enter a „Warehouse” mode. You can then decide if you would like to download a codes list. An information specifying when a product codes list has been downloaded can help you to make a decision.

Previously, the product codes list was mandatorily downloaded after entering the „Stocktaking” mode.

Please remember: Codes list is downloaded according to settings in „Search by code,” in „Administration/Administration panel configuration” module. If you select searching only by IdoSell code, IAI Scanner will also search product codes in its local database by IdoSell codes.