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IAI POS Omnichannel 5.2. enables using individual customer discounts from online stores in traditional sales

IAI POS makes point-of-sale intertwine with online sales even more. Thanks to the support for individual discounts received by your online store customers, you can use the omnichannel strategy better.

After introducing the ability to assign and read loyalty cards in transactions handled by IAI POS, the latest version of the program enables using individual customer discounts received online at the brick-and-mortar store.

Thanks to this solution, after a customer is identified through e.g. a loyalty card, all products purchased in your brick-and-mortar store will be calculated taking into account individual discounts in the order summary.

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We encourage you to lean more about other changes introduced in IAI POS 5.2. The list of recent changes can be found in the IdoSell Shop administration panel under SUPPORTING APPLICATIONS / IAI POS