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IAI POS 4.17.1 unifies customer search method in different places of the application

IAI POS 4.17.1 unifies the customer search in the entire IAI POS application, as well as introduces the ability to change the interface language in the IAI POS Setup application on the basis of the language change the IAI POS Server interface.

The unified mechanism of customer search

We have rebuilt customer search so that a change of phrase entered in the search box will always result in a new query to the database of the store panel, not only filtering results of the previously obtained response.

With this change it is possible to search newly added customers immediately after they are added in IAI POS, as well as in the panel.

In the case of too many results, IAI POS prompts you with relevant information.

The ability to change the interface language in IAI POS Setup

Until now, the choice of language for the IAI POS Setup application was possible only if you installed the whole IAI POS package and if you wanted to choose another language, reinstallation of the application was necessary.

The new IAI POS 4.17.1 version introduces a facilitation by which language change through User interface language option available in IAI POS Server results in automatic change of the IAI POS Setup interface language.

In addition, IAI POS 4.17.1 introduces the following improvements:

  • Issuing VAT invoices in case of a problem with connecting to the IdoSell shop administration panel has been improved.
  • Displaying a date, not only the last synchronization time in the IAI POS Server, has been added.