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IAI POS 4.15 introduces improved possiblities of regular customers base management by adding the possibility of involving them in omni-channel activities

IAI POS 4.15 introduces several important, completely new improvements which affect comfort of work with our application and give the possibility to include IAI POS in (omni-channel) marketing activities. We have facilitiated the process of handling personal collections by allowing generating and printing invoices, as well as sales confirmations directly from IAI POS. The Archive module enables filtering orders with a personal collection and orders from a brick-and-mortar store. We have also added the possibility to edit customer data, assign discount groups to customers, saving customers' consent for an e-mal and SMS, as well as the possibility to preview the number of customer's loyalty points.

A new window of sales documents print in the process of handling personal collections

We have rebuilt the process of handling orders with personal collection in order to give you the opportunity to choose which sales document: sales confirmation, invoice, receipt you would like to issue for a client.

We have also added additional configuration in POS IAI Setup which enables you to define what documents must always be issued before the possibility to continue issuing the order.

Archive module has been enhanced with a new type for personal collections

Archive module is a place where you can search all types of documents. Each of them can be previewed and - in the case of receipts - you can have a look at returns which have been issued to receipts. By adding a new type for personal collections entitled Collection of order, we gave you the ability to generate separate statements for brick-and-mortar orders and orders with a personal collection.

We have also rebuilt the preview window of such orders, called by the View button.

A window of customer data details enables introducing and saving changes

We have improved the customer data details window by giving you the ability to edit and save any introduced changes. Previously, the window only allowed for previewing the data collected from the panel and any changes required logging in to the IdoSell Shop panel.

During a customer data edition you can assign a discount group and mark a consent for e-mail and SMS newsletter

Along with data edition, we gave you the ability to assign or edit discount group of a client and his consent for e-mail and SMS newsletter.

Information about a number of loyalty points accumulated by a client

We have also added information about the number of points accumulated in a loyalty program. If the MARKETING / Loyalty program module is active in the panel, in the customer data preview window in IAI POS Cashier, you have the opportunity to preview information about the amount of points collected by a client so far.

In addition, IAI POS 4.15 introduced the following improvements:

  • We have improved displaying the main menu window after the resignation and return from issuing a VAT invoice. Previously, a product search bar remained visible.
  • We have improved reporting sales with personal collections. Previously, such sales were duplicated and added to brick-and-mortar sales.
  • We have improved a customers search when issuing an IAI POS receipt. Previously, a content entered in the search box did not narrow the search engine results and after returning to a receipt, it was transferred into the field of product search.
  • We have also improved validation of decimal places amount and the C button visible in the window of the calculator accepting payments, returns, changes in the quantity of products on the receipt, changes in discount granted to a customer or a discounted price visible on the receipt. Previously, the application allowed to enter any number of decimal places and the C button, instead of removing a value of a payment field, withdrawal, quantity, rebate or a turning a discounted price into 0.00, left the field empty.