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IAI POS 4.14 supports MS SQL 2014 and databases installed on servers other than the default ones but also allows you to select the price displayed in POS Cashier

You can download the latest version of IAI POS 4.14 from your panel - it introduces the possibility of selecting an instance for a database server, supports MS SQL Server 2014, allows you to choose the type of a displayed price in IAI POS Cashier and adds a rule for the Windows firewall

The latest version of POS IAI 4.14 introduces several innovations that enable an even better adaptation of our application to your needs.

Similar to IAI Bridge , we gave you the opportunity to select the server instance for the database. Therefore, you are no longer limited only to the default instance created on MS SQL Server 2008. Since 4.14 version of IAI POS, you can also install MS SQL Server 2014 on the latest version. In addition, IAI POS 4.14 allows you choose the type of price displayed in IAI POS Cashier and adds the rule for the selected port in the Windows firewall.

Choice of server instances for a database

The new 4.14 version of (( pos|IAI POS)) allows you to choose the database server. This option is available only if our application does not find a default IAIMSSQL server, which auto installation can be selected during IAI POS installation.

If during the first launch IAI POS Server does not find the default IAIMSSQL database server, you will have the opportunity to select a different server. You simply have to choose a server instance on which you want to install the database.

This solution will be perfect in a situation in which you want IAI POS Server to have a database installed on a server instance other than the default or even on a version newer than MS SQL Server 2008. To make use of the new functionality, during the first IAI POS installation just choose not to download and install MS SQL Server 2008 witha the IAIMSSQL default instance.

New functionality also solves the problem of installing our application on more restrictive systems from the Windows Server family, where the auto setup settings are not always accepted, which causes an error while creating the default server instance.

Support for MS SQL Server 2014

(( pos|IAI POS)) 4.14 was tested in regards to the cooperation with the latest edition of MS SQL Server 2014. If you are going to install our application for the first time, you can safely configure IAI POS Server with the latest version of MS SQL Server 2014. To perform this operation, check out the new option to choose a server for the database, which is described in the section "Choice of server instances for a database" in this entry.

Choice of a price, which is to be displayed in IAI POS Cashier, from the panel

The latest version of our application introduces the ability to choose the type of price that will be displayed in IAI POS Cashier. You can now choose whether product prices are to be based on the POS price, retail price or wholesale price.

The new solution allows you to set different price levels in different locations. For example, if you have two points of sale, where one is dedicated to retail and the other to wholesale sale, you can not without any problems set a price level in the panel based on a retail price in the first shop and in the second shop set a price level based on the wholesale price.

IAI POS Server adds the rule for the selected port in the Windows firewall

IAI POS 4.14 also introduces adding the rule for the selected port in the Windows firewall automatically. This is a facilitation thanks tu which in case of an enabled Windows Firewall, you do not have to add an exception a port indicated in IAI POS Server. Changing port in IAI POS Server will also add a new rule to the Windows firewall.

What is more, we have introduced the the following improvements in IAI POS 4.14:

  • We have improved displaying the suggested retail price in the window with product details. Previously, a wrong POS price was displayed.
  • We have improved downloading a list of documents in the Invoices module. Previously, in case of a large number of search results, IAI POS Cashier application could return a connection error with IAI POS Server.