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IAI POS 4.13 introduces an event log for a Cashier module, expands a "Report" section and introduces changes in a procedure of cancelling receipts.

Today we have released IAI POS 4.13 which introduces a few important facilitations influencing the comfort of using our application. We have added an event log in an IAI POS Cashier module, we have developed a "Report" section with more detailed data and we have introduced changes in the procedure of cancelling receipts.

The event log has been added in the IAI POS Cashier module which in case of any problems can be saved to a file and sent to our Support Department. The Report section gained a comprehensive division into the type of sale - brick-and-mortar and personal collection for payments and payouts. What is more, we have introduced changes in the procedure of cancelling receipts in order to avoid accidentaly using it instead of a returns procedure.

We have introduced IAI POS cashier event log

IAI POS Cashier gained the independent event log thanks to which in case of any problem, for example with IAI POS Server connection, you will be able to save your event log into a file and send it to our Support Department with a detailed description of the problem.

Earlier, an IAI POS Cashier error was sygnallized by displaying an error message on the screen but the very content of the error was not saved anywhere. Now in case of any problems you do not have to copy and paste its content into a ticket or make a screenshot - you can simply attach the beforementioned file.

The IAI POS Cashier event log file can be saved in two ways:

  • immediately in case of an error

  • after entering an IAI POS Setup module

While making a return you can now choose all payment forms - like in case of payments

During a return process you can now choose the same payment forms which are available while issuing a receipt. This way we have unified a Return summary window in which, apart from cash and card, you can choose other payment forms such as installments or vouchers.

We have specified payments and payouts for personal collections in a cash report

In a Report section, in payments and payouts, we have also introduced a division for a POS sale and and handling an online store order with a personal collection in a point of sale. So now you have an even more detailed insight into cash holdings and the division to individual forms of payments and payouts.

To have a look at payment forms summary for each type of sales, click a button with a given amount;

This new division can be found in a main window of a Report section and in the Cash in a cash register report. What is more, the new division is also visible in Cash in a cash register report print preview.

Cancelling a receipt is now possible only if it is not added to a panel as an order

We have changed the rule of cancelling receipts - an option which can be used only if you make a mistake and issue a wrong receipt.

Now you can cancel a receipt only if an issued receipt is not added to a shop panel as an order. If a sales synchronization occurs and a receipt is added to the panel as an order, the button Cancel receipt will not be active.

If you make a mistake by issuing a wrong receipt which was added as an order, the only right procedure in such situation is to issue a return for a receipt in a Returns section.

Previously cancelling receipts was possible also when an order had been created in the panel. This function could have been used in a wrong way instead of performing a return procedure.