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IAI POS 2.1 - now allows to control the cash balance and account your cashiers for it

IAI POS is the only application available on the market that combines stationary stores with on-line stores cloud. We have just published the 2.1. version, which introduces solutions well-known from professional cash-register systems - possibility of controlling the cash balance and account for it. It is the basis of checking the cashiers' and sellers' work.

This new function is available in the "Report" option - "Cash in cash register". You can obtain following information there:

  • Starting and final cash balance.
  • Cash register balance preview (including sales, returns, payments and withdrawals).
  • Cash register report.
  • Add and print 'Cash acceptance' documents.
  • Add and print 'Cash withdrawal' documents.

Update to 2.1 is free, if you had previous version purchased. Just download new installer, install it and use the same license key.