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IAI now offers German stores as a STANDARD

From today all store masks offered by us (including all thematic STANDARD masks and catalog) are offered in three language versions: Polish, English and German. It will surely facilitate entries to one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world, to Germany. So far launching a German store (exactly as in all other languages used all over the world) required translation of store mask and graphics.

All STANDARD masks offered by us are now fully translated into German. Every of the stores can use them as they are or to build their own stores with individual graphics. It drastically reduce time of creating a German version of store and reduces costs, by subtracting translation.

Today we can say it officially: Germany are another - after the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland - market, where IAI Company will be present in summer 2013. We currently translate e-mail templates and run technical works to offer you even more modules necessary for every company operating on the German market. In addition, we also translate the administration panel to German, which will be offered in three language versions: Polish, English and German.

It's worth to mention, that IAI clients can freely manage their businesses. All functions available in the are always so, no matter in which country you operate. Our clients neither have to limit themselves to only one market. Within single subscription fee, stores can operate on one market or on all markets they want to. It makes your e-commerce supported by the extremely efficient.