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IAI Downloader 1.18.2 allows you to set your own producer's code prefix while uploading products in the offer mode

A new 1.18.2 version of the IAI Downloader application allows you to set a prefix for a producer's code in the offer mode, as in case of external system code. This allows you to upload products from different offers which have the same producer's code into the IdoSell Shop administration panel.

You can now download a new version of IAI Downloader 1.18.2. application from the IdoSell Shop administration panel. It introduces a new setting for the offer, which allows you to add the prefix to the producer's code. As a result, producer's codes will gain uniqueness, as is case of external system code and you will be able to upload products from different offers which have the same producer's code into the IdoSell Shop administration panel.

Give uniqueness to the producer's code by using the prefix

This new functionality gives the producer's code uniqueness and helps to avoid a situation in which there was an attempt to upload a product with the producer's code which has been already used in a different product into the IdoSell Shop administration panel.

So if you receive an offer from your supplier in which some products have identical producer's code as products from another supplier, thanks to the prefix you can easily upload both products to the IdoSell Shop administration panel. Earlier, without using the prefix, if you tried to upload a product including an already used producer's code the IdoSell Shop administration panel, you would receive a message that the producer's code already exists in the panel and the product can not be added.

For the newly configured offers the default prefix is ​​the name of the supplier & producer's code, for example: "Producer's__name_123456789" which you can of course change.

Due to introducing this new feature, options arrangement inSettings has been changed a little in the offer mode. Due to the introduced changes options arrangement responsible for external system code and the producer's code is grouped and more transparent:

Reminder about the need to update the application no later than within 90 days

We would like to remind you that according to The Agreement and the Terms and Conditions, we have the right to refuse to support the situation in which errors are caused by older versions of Supporting Applications, for example those that have a new version for at least 90 days. New versions of supporting applications eliminate problems that we know of. Therefore, please regularly update applications so as to avoid any problems that may arise as a consequence of using older, unsupported version of the application.