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IAI Downloader 1.14 significantly speeds up product photo synchronization in the Offer mode

IAI Downloader is an application which provides automatic import and update of suppliers' offers. Version 1.14 introduces a rebuilt photo synchronization to the offer mode, which greatly accelerates the process of adding and updating product photos in the shop panel. '''

Operation of product synchronization from the offer has been divided into two stages: the synchronization of products and the synchronization of photos. The step of photos synchronization now takes place immediately after the moment of adding / updating products. Information on the progress bar indicates about the number of processed information.

Thanks to this approach we have improved the efficiency and the speed of adding and updating photos for the offer mode in IAI Downloader.

A change in "Sending photos options"

Due to the changes we have removed a choice of uploading photos from to the shop panel in "Sending photos options". Earlier, regardless of a chosen option, our application every time collected photos from a supplier's offer, make operations indicated in options and then sent all photos to the shop panel regardless of whether a photo has been changed in relation to the one located in the shop panel.

New and faster way of photo synchronization

In case of an offer in the IOF format, which contains a tag of photo modification (a so-called hash) (such offers are generated by IdoSell Shop panels), IAI Downloader 1.14 application will save the tag for each picture during the first synchronization. During next synchronizations the tag will be used to verify whether a photo has been changed, what will enable skipping unchanged pictures in the further operation. Thanks to that, only URL addresses of photos that have been changed will be sent to the panel. Further image processing (for example scaling) will take place in the shop panel.

It is the fastest way to update images by using IAI Downloader, so it is worth to make sure and ask the suppliers to prepare offers for your shop including tags of photo modification (a so-called hash).

In case of external offers which do not contain photo modification tags - IAI Downloader downloads all photos from supplier's offers and saves them on a computer disc and then sends to the panel only these photos, which actually have been changed.

Notice: Improved photo synchronization process has been introduced in the Offer mode only. It is not yet available in Import and Update modes.

Install IAI Downloader 1.14 now and how we have accelerated the process of photo synchronization.