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IAI Ads - an intelligent service that delivers valuable traffic to online stores available for interested customers!

IAI Ads is an innovative service created in cooperation with Google, managing automatically, in an optimal way, the display of ads, directing valuable traffic directly to online stores. IAI Ads had its premiere on January 16, 2018 at Google headquarters in Warsaw. For the past 6 weeks, we have only launched it for guests invited to the premiere. Now we are ready to welcome other customers, and we invite you to view the materials and to order of IAI Ads for your online store.

IAI Ads is an innovative service that manages Google Product Listing Ads and remarketing ads in an automated manner based on Google's mechanisms and IdoSell Shop algorithms. By automation, we mean that the customer only gives a percentage of the revenue that they want to spend on advertising, i.e. how much they can pay for advertising, but without specifying the budget, only a percentage of the sale price. IAI Ads maximizes sales, making sure that the percentage of expenses is not exceeded. IAI guarantees it and you do not pay for expenses above this limit. Thanks to the automatic analysis of a lot of data and control by the Google API, the service is able to reach the level of availability of the product margin unavailable in the work of man. From now on IAI Ads is available for any online store based on IdoSell Shop, regardless of its size.

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