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Get to know the functionalities offered by the subscription module and familiarize yourself with the details of its configuration

Subscription sales is a business model that enables cyclical delivery of selected products at intervals indicated by the customer without the need to place further orders until the end of the subscription.
Get to know the functionalities offered by the subscription module and familiarize yourself with the details of its configuration.

Subscription purchase functionality

1. Products types available for subscription sale

  • one-size or multi-size products
  • collection

The product is available for purchase as a one-off or in a subscription if it is set as available for purchase in a subscription and properly configured in the item edition tab in the panel.

  • The view in the template: One time purchase

  • The view in the template: Subscription

2. Products in subscription can be bought by:

  • retail client
  • wholesaler

3. The customer of the store has the option to make a purchase:

  • one time purchase
  • subscription purchase
  • mixed purchase (within one order): one time purchase product + subscription purchase
  • two or more subscriptions in the same order if they have the same cycle (eg 30 days)

If the cycle is different, a message will appear: "There are products in your basket with a different subscription order renewal period. If you want to order products with different subscription periods, please place separate orders."

Basket view


  • If we add a subscription product to the basket and then add the same product as a one-time purchase, if the products are of the same size, if there is the same number of items of a given product in the subscription and in a one-time purchase and this product will have the same id (i.e. must be the same product) - then the products in the basket will add up and both items will be purchased in a subscription.

4. The store customer has the ability to manage their subscriptions from the customer account:

  • The new "Subscriptions" section is displayed if the module was or is active.

  • The customer has the option to list active and ended subscriptions

After entering the Settings of the selected subscription:

  • The customer has the option to end the subscription
  • The customer has the option to change the date of the nearest delivery or the nearest and subsequent ones (depending on the selected option) if the current date is earlier than the date of payment for the order
  • The customer can shift the date of the next delivery by the number of days configured in the shop panel: Administration/Subscription sales/Subscription orders. The default number is 60


  • Days impossible to select in the calendar are days on which couriers from the assigned delivery profile do not deliver shipments
  • Prices for products are presented depending on the current discount threshold. If the customer has the ability to change delivery dates (which means that the order is not processed yet), the customer sees discounts from the discount threshold without taking into account the future order.

Module activation

The subscription module can be activated in the menu ADMINISTRATION/Subscription. After clicking on "Subscription Selling", a screen with 4 tabs appears:

At the bottom of the screen you can see the button Submit the store for verification in terms of requirements for subscription payments according to the guidelines of card organizations, after selecting this button, a message will be generated in which a support assistant will contact you and help you activate subscription sales . The requirements that the store must meet are as follows:

  • The store must have active IdoPay card payments.
  • The store must have appropriately adapted regulations. You can use the automatically generated regulations in the shop panel, which have already been adapted by us to subscription sales, or if you use your own content - appropriate provisions should be included in them, similar to the content contained in automatic regulations.
  • The store must pass the verification of our risk department in terms of requirements for subscription payments according to the guidelines of card organizations.
  • While waiting for verification, you will be able to prepare the configuration of subscription sales in the "Configuration of subscription discounts" tab and on the edition tabs of products selected for subscription sales.
  • The store theme must support subscription purchases - if you are not using the Standard template, we will help you adapt your theme to support subscription sales (if your template was based on the Standard theme released after January 26, it is fully ready to support subscription sales)

View after sending the message:


After sending the message, options will be unlocked thanks to which you will be able to:

1. Set up a subscription discount in the "Subscription Sales Setup" tab


It is possible to set threshold amount and percentage discounts depending on the number of orders.


  • Product price: 100 zł
  • Settings:
  1. from 1 order - to 5 order => discount: 5%
  2. from 6 order - to 10000 order => discount: 10%

At each threshold, the discount is calculated from the original price of PLN 100, and not from the price calculated in the previous, lower threshold.


  • In the order initiating the subscription, the subscription discount is always summed up with other discounts from the order
  • In subsequent subscription orders, we take into account subscription discounts and additionally individual customer discounts (discount group, individual prices and individual discount). We do not include discounts other than individual customer discounts in reorders.
  • If a subscription has been created, it is currently not possible to edit discounts for this subscription, changes in the discount configurator above affect only newly created subscriptions

2. Select the items sold in the subscription and configure them

The "Subscriptions" section will appear on the product card, which allows you to configure the product for subscription sales, i.e. the ability to indicate:

  • periodicity of the products - i.e. how many days a given product will be able to be subscribed by the customer
  • the minimum number of its units that we want to offer in subscription sales



  • When we disable the product on the product edition card from subscription sales, it will cease to be available to the end customer from the template page (so there will be no new subscription orders), while the existing ones will still be supported.

3. In the "Sales" menu, under "Subscriptions", a table will appear in which subscriptions will appear:


After clicking on the subscription number, the card of the selected subscription with the following functionality will appear:

  • change the date of the next and next delivery
  • subscription cycle changes
  • subscription note and customer note settings
  • access to Event Log


4. in "Configuring transactional messages" in the "Subscription purchases" option, a list of transactional emails supporting subscriptions will appear


  • Creating a subscription - an e-mail is sent after placing an initiating order in the store
  • Problem with payment - an e-mail is sent each time an attempt to charge the card for a reorder fails
  • Information about the creation of a subscription order - an e-mail is sent after the automatic creation of a re-order
  • Subscription completion confirmation - an e-mail is sent after the subscription is completed - by the store client or merchant in the panel
  • Upcoming payment - the e-mail is sent 24 hours before the card is charged for the reorder
  • Subscription edition - the e-mail is sent after each edition of the subscription in the store by the customer or by the merchant in the panel

After the customer creates a subscription, he will receive the above transactional messages regarding the subscription, and whether he will additionally receive standard messages regarding the execution of the order will depend on the state of the checkbox on the order edition card.

When the store is successfully verified, the supervisor will enable the "Activation of the subscription module" switch.
Switching the "Activation of the subscription module" option to the "active" state will cause that information about the subscription configuration will be transferred to the store template, so it is important to make sure with the supervisor that the template is already adapted and ready for subscription sales.

5. Payment for subscription orders is only possible via card payments under IdoPay.

To be able to make subscription purchases, the store must have active IdoPay card payments, i.e. the default card payment system must be IdoPay. This is a technical requirement.

  • If the end customer buys product in a subscription - the payment options will be limited to card payments in IdoPay
  • If the end customer buys product in subscription + one time purchase (i.e. mixed order) - payment options will be limited to card payments in IdoPay
  • If the end customer buys regular products - all payment options are visible according to the payment profile

Subscription module and other shop functionalities:

  • Sale

In automatic subcsription orders, we do not take into account the fact that a given subscription product is in some promotion.

  • Special offers

The special offers functionality is blocked for subscription products

  • Returns

Returns for subscription orders work as usual. From the subscription, an order is created exactly like a standard order in the store - it is visible in the customer's account and can be returned from the customer's account.

  • Changing the price of the product in subscription

The price of the products in the subscription is not frozen. If it is changed during the subscription period, the next order will be created with the new price. The customer will be informed about the price change in the "Create a subscription order" email and will have 7 days to decide whether he wants to continue the subscription. After 7 days from reorder will be created.
Both the customer on the subscription card in the store, in e-mails and the merchant on the subscription card in the panel see the prices including discount thresholds for the current order. The prices are always presented for the order to which the presented delivery date corresponds.

  • Out of stock scenario support for active subscription

If there are no products in stock, a re-order will be created and the order card in the panel will contain information about the lack of product.

  • Subscription will still be active
  • The next reorder will not be created if the previous one has not been completed
  • If the initiating order is false/cancelled/unpaid, then the subscription will be ended automatically.

The merchant will have to ask to ensure the stock and inform the customer about the delays himself.

  • Personal collection

If there is a subscription in the basket, personal collection will not appear in the list of couriers

  • Delivery price for reorders

The price for delivery for reorders is recalculated each time (we do not freeze it).

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