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From now on, you may map multi-variation listings for any product in your shop

So far, you could only map listings for products in universal sizes. You could not map previously issued eBay listing until stock level runs out. It is possible now to map both Allegro, and eBay multi-variation listings for any product, even the one with sizes.

If you sell on auction sites such as Allegro or eBay, and you would like to create listings through the IdoSell Shop panel, you may do it thanks to Mapping auctions - now also available for multi-variation listings.

While listing products with sizes on Allegro or eBay thanks to listing setting profiles, you may decide whether it would be a multisite listing or each size should be issued in a separate listing. So far, it was not possible to assign such listings to products in the panel. From now on, you may map such listings thanks to the mapping listings tool without any limits.

If you have not entered listings issued long time ago to IdoSell Shop yet, because you were not able to map multi-variation listings, and you would not like to issue them once again, in order not to lose history and reliability, please note that this is not an issue now.

For more information, please visit website describing our tool for mapping listings

If you are interested in the import of listings altogether with products from listings, see our website, where you can find information on how to import listings altogether with products to the panel.