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Facilitating customer service concerning processing customer data (GDPR) - you can check if customers have agreed to share their data with external sites

We do everything to make sure our systems are at the highest level of security and meet all applicable legal requirements. We therefore design changes introduced specifically to make legal obligations concerning GDPR as simple as possible.

You can check whether customers have agreed to share their data with external sites

In the ordering process, customers have the opportunity to determine if they want their data to be made available to external sites cooperating with the store. In IdoSell Shop, the fact of expressing this consent is always recorded and only on such basis the system can automatically share data with external sites.

Now information about whether the customer has consented to data sharing is visible in the order statistics and at any time you can show that such a consent has been obtained. You can also check the content of consent, which was then valid. This solution can be helpful in explaining customer questions better, e.g. in the context of processing their data (GDPR).

If for any reason the consent is revoked, you can change this setting from the order edit level. However, the content is saved only when customers read it themselves and mark the appropriate field in the ordering process.

When adding a new order in the supported panel, for example, by phone, you can ask the customer if they consent to data sharing and include this information in the first step of creating the order.

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