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Facebook store - second generation

Facebook has not become a killer of standard on-line stores. Does it mean, that it simply doesn't work? It's not that obvious, so the offers completely new Facebook stores to all of its customers and partners. Second generation of Facebook stores is based on three observations:

  1. Facebook is a great addition to all stores - this is why all stores are equipped with such functions as signing in to store using Facebook account or Facebook comments in on-line store.
  2. People (who usually become customers) generally spend a lot of time on Facebook.
  3. No magical applications nor thin lines stack up on Facebook in general, because they have much more complicated navigation than normal stores designed to fit displays of 1280 px minimal width.

Based on those three simple observations we created a completely new Facebook store mask to meet requirements of Facebook marketing. New features are:

  1. We resigned from Facebook markers (so-called FBML) - those markers caused many problems and Facebook withdrawn from its use.
  2. We changed the shop width - three-column layout implemented.
  3. Change of graphic style to better fit Facebook design. From now on it looks like it has been created by Facebook itself.
  4. We added well-known functions from standard stores, like personal collections, instalment purchases etc.
  5. There's no need to use the welcome page.
  6. 3 language versions: English, German, Polish.

You probably wonder, why haven't we created shop as good a now. It's worth to remind, that we created the first Facebook stores generation in 2010, when no other company offered such solution, and Facebook had a lot of limitations (like using FBML markers). Change in policies allowed us to create something, that suits us more.

It's also worth to mention, that STANDARD Facebook mask can be also used in standard stores as a store template. It's a great opportunity for all stores, that look for their identity in the world, where more people have Facebook account than traditional e-mail address.

You can learn more about Facebook stores on the company website.