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Expand IdoSell Shop with any of your own modules, just like you would add code in Open Source.

From now on we give you the opportunity to write and integrate any of your own applications, e.g. a form, report or integrator in the IdoSell Shop panel, creating a final effect resembling the modification of the source code. Your own application has the interface of the IdoSell Shop administration panel - it does not require a login and is available after clicking on the icon. We create an open market of services for the developers, enriching the core functionalities of IdoSell Shop. We present customers with the openness, thanks to which they can freely adapt the system to their needs. Such integration was our destination, a long-term work within the framework of the Open SaaS ™ strategy.

Individual applications - menu - IdoSell, IAI, docker, Open Saas

So far, if you had your own extension created by yourself (or commissioned to our specialists ), it was a separate program, with separate login, an address - the interface was not consistent with the rest of the panel. Sometimes customers have asked us to add functionality in the panel to avoid these drawbacks, while enjoying the benefits of SaaS.

Now you have, as part of the final step on the way to connect the world of SaaS and Open Source -Open SaaS™, the ability to run your own applications safely without the risk of spoiling something in the store, loss of warranty and free support of our specialists, as if it were your own modifications to the panel code.

Applications are integrated through the panel API or other available APIs. You can, for example build your own integration with the courier using open couriers API couriers or ISF and put the module for generating the register book and performing additional processes directly in its administration panel, through the icon in the SALES department.

In addition to the modules described above, we have prepared a sample application, an auxiliary library and detailed instructions that will help you create your own solutions.

Individual applications - module - IdoSell, IAI, docker, Open Saas

If you are a developer - learn how to adapt your own apps to work as a panel extension

If you have not created your own extensions so far and are happy with this possibility, or even surprised that SaaS does not necessarily mean limited functionalities, please contact our specialists from the Web Developers department, who will prepare any extension, ensuring compliance with our standards and administration panel. We create all applications in accordance with your guidelines in time and material mode.

If you already have an application written by our specialists, you can ask us to adapt it to constitute an extension of the administration panel and to carry out the turnkey integration process.

Read more about the possibility of commissioning us to create our own programs