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Edit your store template with us - All CSS styles in one file, facilitating visual changes

We've gathered all CSS template styles for your store in one document, which we share in your store's administration panel in a simple and convenient editor. From now on you will make much more efficient and convenient changes in styling the store template. For those willing, we also give the opportunity to take advantage of LESS

We decided that the store template management module could be even clearer and more convenient than it is now and we have prepared several changes that will allow you to manage the store's look even more conveniently. The first change we put into use is the ability to conveniently edit the CSS styles of the entire store template, which we embed immediately in a new place, heralding our next ideas.

So far, wanting to make changes in styling the CSS template of your store yourself, you could do it in the so-called preview mode, where by clicking on the selected item you could stylize it "your way". This method of editing, however, allowed you to change only existing elements, without adding your own code.
These are the basic reasons why we decided to "free" CSS, give it the opportunity to use the LESS language and refresh the editor, which now allows you to edit the entire CSS in one file.

All CSS styles in one file

All CSS styles used for the store template can now be found in one convenient file that you can edit freely.
Using the editor built into the panel of the store, you can make visual changes to your graphic template immediately. Highlighting and suggesting CSS syntax allows you to conveniently work with the code within the administration panel. However, if you do not want to use it, you can download a CSS file to be able to edit it in an external editor.

You can edit any template available in the panel, as well as the one you are currently using.

The possibility of using the LESS language for advanced users

In the new editor you can use all the possibilities offered by LESS to describe CSS styles. Declare your own variables, use admixtures, functions and operations. LESS opens up additional 'customization' options for your graphic template that you can use freely.

History of introduced changes

We've added the ability to undo your changes up to 50 steps back. That is why we created this tool so that you can freely experiment with the appearance of your store. However, if you do not want to deal with CSS at all or if you want to carry out much larger changes, we recommend contacting our graphics department, where specialists with many years of experience in the industry work. Our Web Designers will adapt your store's template to your needs.

Soon we will present further changes, which to a large extent will "free" the possibilities of managing the look of stores :-) Among others, similar changes will soon affect the editing of literals and all graphics.

See how you can easily change the look of your store