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Each store and wholesale store supports automatic submitting of dropshipping orders, without additional software

Automation of information exchange between suppliers and recipients in the dropshipping model is one of the Holy Grail of e-commerce. So far, warehouses have invented its own way to solve this problem. For stores wanting to use the sale in the dropshipping model it meant the need to buy software whose capabilities were limited. Handling such sales was either related to the sale of products from other suppliers or from own warehouse, or creating own, expensive, complicated system. The IdoSell Shop solution is an absolute revolution and introduces automatic exchange of order information on a massive scale and automatically handles orders.


What is dropshipping?

We talk about dropshipping when the store does not have its own products in warehouses, only when the order is received in the online store, the shop also places an order for needed products from its supplier (dropshipping warehouse). Ultimately, the warehouse sends the products to the end customer. The whole process is illustrated in the above graphic.

We focused on dropshipping orders automation

When the paid order from the customer is received by the store, the system automatically transfers the order to the warehouse, and when this order is sent to the consumer, it sends a notification to the store, along with the shipment number. The dropshipping order handling process itself is transparent to the customer. In conjunction with automatic electronic invoice delivery it is practically possible to run a shop without human participation.

Dropshipping order step by step

  1. The customer places an order in the online store.
  2. The order appears in the administration panel. We will automatically issue documents for the order, e.g. VAT invoice.
  3. We immediately send fakturę do Twojego klienta na e-mail - also automatically.
  4. The customer pays the order, the payment is automatically registered and we send the order to your supplier - again automatically and without your participation!
  5. The supplier (wholesaler) handles and sends the order to your client. At the same time, a notification about the order completion together with the package number is sent to the store.
  6. Based on the received notification, we will complete the shipment number in the shop order, change its status to "sent" and notify your client by email that the shipment is on its way - it also happens automatically.

The owner's work in a dropshipping online store comes down to acquiring clients and marketing. All logistics operations, dispatching and storage of products are taken over by the online wholesale store .

Do you have a wholesale store or maybe you want to open a dropshipping shop? Find out more here!

The wholesale store and online shop connection - dropshipping in the name of the plug&play idea

Online shops and IdoSell dropshipping wholesale stores can exchange information about orders with no additional work. All you need is the right configuration and you can start the adventure with dropshipping.

For developers

We do not want to keep the automatic dropshipping solution only for us and it is an open solution, like our other open integration standards. It will give us great pleasure when the market uses them and will use them for the good, standardization and development of the entire industry. All communication between stores and wholesalers is provided with the open ICDF format and using CustomerAPI , which we discussed in the entry: [/blog/idosell-shop-supports-wholesale-and-retail-online-stores-conducting-sales-in-a-dropshipping-model-due-to-built-in-mechanisms-automating-processing-orders-in-an-open-icdf-standard-1235325876?currency=gbp IdoSell Shop supports wholesalers and online stores selling in the dropshipping model].

CustomerAPI implementation in any wholesaler in the world will open the possibility of dropshipping services for all stores at IdoSell Shop.

Learn more about our new CustomerAPI