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E-mail marketing Pro - campaigns, stats, personalized newsletters

E-mail marketing is a form of store promotion, which gives a seller the highest yield. When it comes to work at the, this investment is even better thing. From now on, on-line stores are equipped with set of tools, so far available only for specialized e-mail marketing sites, where every sent e-mail is charged separately. All you need to do in the is to purchase the E-mail marketing Pro service, which costs only £10/12€ a month - no matter how many campaigns your create, e-mails send or how large recipients database is.

Today we installed a package of changes which constitutes the E-mail marketing Pro service:

  1. Possibility of sending personalized e-mails to each recipient separately. Variables - so loved by our customers - allow to exchange important sections of newsletter with data - i.e. [iai:client_name] is replaced with customer's name.
  2. Stats - every sent e-mail is saved, so it can be displayed later. Every variable use is registered, so you can always check, how many recipients clicked on a link or unsubscribed from your newsletter base. Thanks to these stats professional sellers can easily check effectiveness of their campaigns and improve them if necessary.

In addition we installed following changes for all of our customers - without the necessity of using E-mail marketing Pro service:

  1. Possibility of creating campaigns, which are a set of e-mails. How a campaign can be used? I.e. if you want to sell newsletter to your wholesale customers, just select adequate filter (first message will be sent to wholesalers), another message can be sent to women, third - to men. System will first send e-mail to wholesalers, then it will select women from the remaining customers and men from the rest. Every group will be delivered only one message, without getting another (sometimes very similar or even the same. System monitors stats for each message.
  2. Possibility of reusing old newsletters or importing and exporting them to ICF.
  3. We enhanced sending plain-text messages.
  4. We deleted possibility of sending text newsletters. This form is very ineffective and even counterproductive. This is our way of saying: it's 2012 and we send HTML newsletters now!
  5. We implemented new method of newsletter content edition to a one well-known from product editor. You can now use great WYSIWYG editor, use raw HTML code and preview results, which gives you total control over the message look.

The above-mentioned package of changes is only a forerunner of a real revolution that we want to invoke on on-line stores market. Until now professional e-mail marketing operations required purchasing external, highly-specialized services, that could cost a small fortune when it came to large customer database. In short time we will offer another e-mail marketing functionalities.

Please also notice, that sending newsletter was transferred from CUSTOMERS to MARKETING module. More information about E-mail marketing tools can be found on page concerningsending e-mails and SMS.