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Downloader 0.9 with support for CSV published

Despite it is Friday afternoon, we have published the IAI Downloader 0.9.0 - another breakthrough version.

Main changes are:

  • the possibility of importing any CSV files, for which the context of the IOF standard can be assigned to.
  • fully translated, bilingual interface (Polish and English).
  • many small enhancements and updates, improving application stability and reliability.

The most important change introduced in this version is support for CSV files. During the development process, we have analyzed all of the paid tasks of database import, commissioned during shops implementations, and we have developed such a version, which allows for import without the need of creation of additional applications. From now on, every customer can import product databases (from his old shop or supplier) on his own, without any fees, toil and waiting.
The process requires assigning CSV columns to proper attributes. Application stores this initial configuration and allows for automatic refreshing of shop offer, based on changes in CSV files.

Another version - 0.9.1 - will introduce support for XML files. Downloaded will become a universal platform to import data and integrate shops with the use of any offer format export files.