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Downloader 0.9.1 - now supports any XML files

[/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323818 Not more than a month ago, we have informed about a breakthrough achievement of our developers team, which was the possibility of importing products databases from any CSV files, which had been introduced in IAI Downloader 0.9.0]. However we knew, that many of you were waiting for other functionality, which is the possibility of uploading suppliers offer from any XML files, because not everyone uses the IOF format. From today, the IAI Downloader is not afraid of any valid XML files!

Why do we think this change is so important for our customers?
Most of suppliers offers are generated in one or many xml files. Until now, the XML format - used by the supplier - needed to be translated into IOF format - which is utilized by the IAI Downloader - and this entire operation was performed by the Integrator-type application. We have worked hard for a couple of months, so that the Integrator-type application could become obsolete and unnecessary and our experienced customers could "show" - to the IAI Downloader - which element of CSV or XML file corresponds with element of IOF file - all by themselves and completely for free. Teaching the IAI Downloader to recognize proper elements is eased by very friendly interface. Once the Downloader learns what-is-what, the further updates of XML file result in automatic detection of changes and update of products database in administration panel.

One Downloader application can contain multiple entry databases. Some of them can be in IOF format, some - in XML, and the rest - in CSV. Databases can be stored in single or multiple CSV or XML files and our application will connect all of these files into one, on the basis of ID.

For what purposes the IAI Downloader with support for CSV or XML can be used?
There are a lot of uses. All are safe, quick and free of charge. Among them are:

  • First import from old shop - old database can be exported from, i.e. phpMyAdmin, to XML or CSV and then import it to the panel.
  • Download of description base from CD provided by the producer or WWW website (IAI Downloader copes well with data downloaded from WW pages, hard drives or network locations).
  • Import and synchronization with just-in-time suppliers, providing their data in XML or CSV format.

The IAI Downloader application performs a very difficult and hard task of looking for changes in very vast files, often obtained through the Internet. The next action is sending these changes trough the API.