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Choose on which devices Widgets, Toplayers and HTML snippets should be displayed and speed up the process of page loading

We would like to present a dedicated solution for RWD shops, which lets you specify the resolution of Widgets, Toplayers, as well as HTML and JavaScript snippets. Pages will now also load faster, because such elements will be requested after the shop page is ready

Graphical elements such as Toplayers and Widgets are a universal solution for online stores aiming to draw attention of customers to some specific information or encourage them to take some action.

In today's world, mobile devices constitute one of the most important features of e-commerce. According to the Q2 2015 Criteo Mobile Commerce Report, 14% of e-commerce transactions takes place on mobile devices and almost 50% of transactions is carried via applications dedicated for smartphones. You should therefore consider whether displaying Widgets on mobile devices makes sense, as they can overshadow the whole screen and can make your shop more difficult to use.

While it may not be a problem for 10” tablets, it could affect the smaller smartphone screens and could lead to frustrated customers leaving your website. Therefore, such elements should be properly prepared (eg. responsive toplayers that adjust to the size of the screen) and displayed only on appropriate devices. What is more important, if you add such elements, it is worth conducting tests on multiple devices just to make sure that none of them hinder the shopping process.

Choose on which devices Widgets, Toplayers, HTML and JavaScript snippets should be displayed

We have prepared a dedicated solution for shops using RWD templates. You can easily configure certain elements, such as toplayers, to only be displayed on larger screens, such as PCs or tablets, and remain hidden on smartphones.
It is however possible to make such elements visible on smartphones – the presentation of your online store is entirely up to you.

Faster page loading thanks to AJAX technology

We also improved page loading times for stores with many Widgets, Toplayers, etc. (which could often make it slower) – by only loading such elements when everything else on the page is ready.

To achieve this we decided to use AJAX technology, which allows for fragments of a website to be loaded separately. We created AJAX endpoints for downloading Toplayers and Widgets, as well as HTML and JavaScript snippets.

Technical notice: HTML snippets loaded asynchronously are not visible to search engine crawlers, which can have an impact on your shop's website positioning. You should therefore make the decision which snippets contain important information and load them synchronously, and configure the remaining ones for AJAX.

How to use new options of loading add-ons?

The new functionality is available with the latest templates. It may be necessary for you to update your shop templates to the newest ones from the STANDARD collection.