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Card payments in IAI Pay - one-click payments and free refunds to the card directly from the administration panel of your store

IAI Pay payments are constantly developing - we support express transfers for almost 30 banks and international card payments in 5 currencies. This time we present the possibility of paying for purchases with one click and free refunds directly to the customer's card.

Safe card payments available with one click

[[image panel/file-gate.php?id=104953&ext=.png&border=border alt="IAI Pay" style="float:right;"] With built-in IAI Pay card payments, your customers without going to third-party websites in a simple and secure way can pay for products directly on your store's website, in a modern and tailored to your template payment form. However, IAI Pay offers much more - thanks to the safe integration with IAI Accounts, the customer can remember the payment card when paying in one of your stores and use it again in another. The payment comes down to selecting one of the remembered cards and confirming the choice with the button Make a payment with the selected card.

See all the benefits IAI Pay offers you

Cash back - instant withdrawals of funds for orders and returns directly to the customer's card

From today you can make refunds in cash back, both in orders and when returning products by the customer, directly to the customer's card with one click. All you need to do is go to the order, return or complaint edit tab and click on the [cash back] link next to the payment you would like to return. The refunded amount will be transferred from your IAI balance directly to the customer's payment card - for free and in the currency in which the customer made the purchase.

Remember: you don't always have to return the entire amount paid by the customer - you can also make partial refunds, which will be very useful when you need to modify the order after placing it, e.g. lowering its price.

Refunds directly to the payment card are also safe for the store - the return of funds directly to the card protects you against a possible return initiated by the customer (the so-called chargeback), which may be additionally payable.

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