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As announced earlier on September 2, we are withdrawing the ability to generate ODT documents

According to earlier entry on our blog, and even extending the originally planned date, we are withdrawing the old function of generating our own printouts, in the format and according to document templates in the ODT format. Over the past years, we've been working on introducing a new way to generate printouts, consistent with other modules, using PDF generation and based on templates defined in HTML and CSS. As a reminder, we first blocked the option of adding new ODT templates to the panel, and then gave several months to switch to generating PDF files. At the request of some of the clients, we have moved the removal of the ODT document generation option, but the time has now come when we definitely need to get rid of this option, because it blocks us from further development possibilities of this module. September 2, 2019 is the day on which we want to end the use of ODT files for PDF files.

Over a year ago, we introduced a simple editor of our own HTML documents, based on which PDF documents are generated.

We remind you the reasons for this change:

  • PDF (Portable Document Format) is currently the most popular document format available on the internet. It can be opened on any modern device (computer, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch) with the appropriate software installed. They are widely accepted as attachments to e-mails or as documents downloaded electronically. Unlike ODT or DOC documents, they guarantee, regardless of the software, hardware or operating system, the identical appearance of the document.
  • Simple editing and quick preview of changes in HTML, i.e. in an environment fully controlled by developers.
  • Custom HTML templates have saved change history. If you make a mistake and save the template, this will allow you to quickly return to the previous correct version of the document.
  • The IAI Printer can automatically print the document without additional clicks, e.g. after order verification, when you generate sales documents in PDF.
  • The ability to download the appropriate PDF document by customers logged in to their account.

Most of the clients have successfully started using the new module. Some clients have properly used the transitional time of offering both variants and submitted comments to the new module. After analyzing these changes, we have moved the deadline to remove the possibility of using the old ODT file system, and introduced additional functions in the new PDF document generation module:

  • We have made it possible to change the document's orientation to portrait or landscape.
  • We have introduced the ability to define the paper size
  • We have accelerated the time of document generation
  • We have reduced the size of the document
  • We've added new variables that can be used in document templates

Thus, we would like to inform that from September 2, 2019 we will withdraw the possibility of using generating own documents based on ODT, giving the possibility of easy creation using ((functions/documents/| HTML editor) ), which results in generating the document in commonly accepted PDF format.

Template customization

If you would like to adapt the document template to the appearance of your store or your individual preferences, we suggest using our graphic department, which after receiving a query by the ticketing system will propose and implement a solution suitable for you. Of course, if you would like to use the help of any other company in this area, you can do it. The mechanism is open and anyone who knows HTML and CSS can create the document you need.

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