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Apply the new cookie consent in line with current EU rulings

The new version of consent shows online store customers what files are used in a given e-store. It also enables them to control advanced consent for files that come from individual providers. Potential customers can enable or disable consent for advertising and analytical "cookies," while functional files (necessary for system operation) remain permanently enabled.

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Despite the lack of changes in laws, there have been court rulings in some countries related to the use of cookies that have become "precedents." This, in turn, led to changes in standards (without changing the law). We have adapted to them so that our customers do not have a problem accepting the store in countries such as Germany, for example, where the understanding of cookie consent is the most restrictive.

We have prepared a comprehensive cookie consent solution that brings your store into compliance with European Union law and GPDR with a single click. Thus, without the need for legal knowledge or complicated configuration, you can offer consent that meets the requirements of even most restrictive markets.

What has changed?

In order to ensure full compliance with the current law, we have implemented in the active cookie consent a distinction between functional, analytical and marketing cookie types. In the new version, buyers are able to customise cookie consent on their own, which increases their level of trust for your store.

The new cookie consent mode meets EU legal requirements and allows you to adjust it for foreign markets as well. The consent is more flexible and allows you to edit the descriptions of cookie categories.

Sell cross-border in compliance with the current law

In combination with our automatically updated store terms and conditions as well as privacy policy, the new cookie consent and updated privacy policy content will enable you to sell cross-border as required by law in each market.

The table with the cookies described will be automatically generated and will be included in the new version of the privacy policy.

How to enable?

The new version of the cookie consent will be included in all subscription plans, at no additional charge. It will be enabled by default for new stores, while IdoSell e-shops installed before the release of the change can enable it at any time in the store panel.
Find the cookie consent in the panel under Moderation -> CMS -> Regulations, consents, policies -> Cookie consent.

It has been added as a new available display mode.

The new version of the cookie consent will be available on all IdoSell panels within 2 weeks of the publication of this blog post.

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