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Affiliate programme statistics are now calculated daily - you can generate and export reports to the file with additional parameters.

Do you know that an affiliate program is a virtually maintenance-free tool that exploits the potential of already-acquired customers to recommend your online store to other (potential) customers? To analyze the diversion and accrued commissions better in the affiliate programme, statistics are now calculated daily. The report itself has been changed and now includes the choice of a date range, setting of additional filters and export of a generated report to ODS / CSV files.
With the affiliate programme, a customer becomes an advertiser by sending a link to a shop to his friends, and when they make a purchase, a customer receives a percentage of the order value determined by the store. And once you launch the affiliate program in your store, you want to keep track of partner conversions and accrued commissions. In a IdoSell Shop based store you have this opportunity.

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Select parameters to be included in the report

In the REPORTS AND FINANCES / Affiliate program statistics section, you immediately indicate the parameters for the report. You can choose from the date range, indicate the commission value that you are interested in, or choose which stores to include in the report. You can also include data from all the stores available in your panel:

Export the report to a file in the selected format

Once you generate the report, you can not only view it in your web browser, but you can also download the data as an ODS or CSV file. This allows you to analyze the report more accurately, for example, by using a spreadsheet:

Affiliate programme statistics are calculated daily

Since May 8th, the statistics of the affiliate program are collected on a daily basis. Thanks to that, the analysis of the affiliate programme takes on a completely new, more practical and analytical significance.

Previously, statistics were presented without the possibility of selecting a period, and included data collected since the launch of your store. You can read more about in affiliate program FAQ.

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