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Advertising abroad? Find out what extra charges Google has introduced

Google is adding new additional fees for display ads in certain countries. As part of Google Ads from IdoSell, we'll re-invoice these fees when you pay for the service each month. Find out how much the additional fees will be in each country and how we will add them to your payments.

Additional charges for display advertising have emerged due to the introduction of a digital services tax or statutory operating costs.

In November 2020, fees were introduced in Austria, Turkey (5 percent), and the UK (2 percent), and in May 2021 also in France and Spain (2 percent). From October, fees are also in India and Italy (2 percent).

For ongoing advertising campaigns, the fees are added to the cost of clicks.

What has changed?

  • So far, we have only re-invoiced advertising costs available from Google Ads campaign reports.
  • From now on, we will supplement payments for re-invoicing Google Ads services with the above-mentioned additional charges. Google does not show these in the campaign reports but places them in the detailed specification for the summary invoice issued to us.
  • Therefore, we will add the additional charges from the last monthly invoice that we receive from Google to the payment for a given billing period.
  • The amounts will depend on the effectiveness of the service so that the sum of advertising expenditure and additional charges does not exceed the agreed service profitability threshold.

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